How long could my family hold their breath?

It’s easy to spend more time on the balcony than in your suite at Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa.

The suite has all the appointments and perks you could wish for but the views of the blue Caribbean or Samana Bay are breathtaking.

The elevator ride to the beach shares those dramatic views.

Picture this.

A pool that is high above the towering palm trees. Amazing views of the Caribbean below and beyond. Complete with a swim-up bar, recliners and a snack bar.

The beach lies between the waves and a tropical forest.   Enjoy wait service on the beach, play in the water or relax on a lounger.

What about the kids?

The staff at Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa are experts when it comes to entertaining children. Remember, there are daily activities for the kids. Special shows and even special dining menus for kids.

The younger set has their own kids mini-club, pool activities and non-stop dancing at their own mini-disco. Plus, there is a babysitting service for a reasonable fee.   All this means romantic time for the adults.

A SNUBA break?

snuba-1SNUBA is a cross between Scuba diving and snorkeling.   Breathe through a simple regulator. You air supply is floating above you in a raft.   An easy and fun way to check out turtles, fish and coral reefs.

There’s even a simple hook up for kids from 4-7 years old. They are in a special rig that keeps them at the surface. They can watch their parents and older sibs who might be 20 feet below.   Super fun.

You can book an excursion that provides transportation to and from Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa.   It starts with everyone pairing up for lightening fast 2-people mini-speedboats. After you rocket over the waves for awhile its time for your SNUBA break.bahia-experts-travel-speedboats

Then you streak back to base and return to the resort.   This might be the most exciting 4 hours of your day.

A relaxing supper at the El Pescador restaurant was our reward.   Seafood bisque and a plump chicken breast stuffed with shrimp. Cold cocktails and then off to the disco.

Another day in paradise comes to a close at Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa. So, how long can my family hold their breath?

I don’t know because with SNUBA gear you will never have to find out.