I got your Whopper!

The Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro is the whopper of the Grand Bahia Principe 5-hotel resort complex.

At 816 rooms it has definitely been super-sized.   There are two choices. Junior Suite or upgrade to Club Hacienda.

Club Hacienda has a few extra perks. These suites are closer to the beach, have coffeemakers, bathrobes, slippers and beach towels. The beach is a bit of hike from most of rooms but it’s worth the romantic stroll.

The sunrise is especially spectacular. Plus, it’s a good idea to stake out your beach loungers and spot on the sand early. The two pools are popular with guests and can get crowded early.

Hint. There is a shuttle service to the beach. Get the details at the front desk or see the info in your Suite. Learn where else the shuttle service provides transportation.

bavaro-footGuests have a large variety of restaurant and bar choices. That’s because you have access to the dining and drinking options at neighboring Punta Cana resort.   This is a busy and fun resort.

The golf cart style shuttle service will also provide a ride to the water park. This is an all day fun outing for kids and families. The perfect spot to make a splash with the kids at Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro.

The kids also enjoy the basketball court, go-cart track, mini-golf and making sand castles on the beach. Whatever activity is putting a smile on the kid’s faces, you can bet there is a lounger nearby for Mom and Dad. Perfect.

The kids are supervised so it’s also a great time for the adults to visit the spa. Enjoy a romantic couple’s massage or select separate treatments. Since the ingredients can range from seaweed to chocolate, you will have something to rave to your friends about.

It’s fun to bring gifts back to friends and family. Check out the replica of an authentic Dominican area called Pueblo Principe Village.

It’s in the center of the resort.

Vendors are selling artistic craft work and there are lots of shops to dicker over shades, swimsuits and other sundry items.

It’s all big. The luxury, the fun, and the romance at Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro are huge.

Come enjoy a whopper sized resort!