Am I really hammered if I can still hang on to the floor?

The charm, service and variety at Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal is amazing.

It starts with the spectacular views from your terrace or balcony and a piping hot dark roast coffee. What will it be? Snorkeling over the second largest coral reef in the world, having drinks delivered to you at the pool or beach and catching an early tee-time all sound good.

You might be posting pictures online of you swimming and playing with dolphins. Nothing wrong with a few “selfies” at the spa, beach or pools. Why wait to make your friends jealous?

The breakfast buffet is bulging with choices. It’s easy to get so stuffed you skip the lunch service and stop back for a theme night supper meal. It’s international fare with flair.

Be sure to make reservations for the Gourmet Arlequin and Italian Dolce Vita restaurants.   There is no way you want to miss the truffle chicken or perfect beef tenderloin.   The desserts are delightful and sinfully delicious.

Are you thinking about one memorable night off-resort?

Your 21 and over crowd can join the Caribbean Carnival party cruise. This is pure Caribbean craziness. Gilligan would be giggling all night.

The party kicks off on a double deck boat ride to Isla Mujeres from Cancun. Open domestic bar, specialty cocktails, coffee and desserts available. Try pasta, meat, fish, chicken and fresh salads at the buffet.

There will be games and embarrassing contests. Dancing under the stars. It’s a spicy night when you arrive at Isla Mujeres.   Picture a live show with Caribbean dancers, music and more fun.

The ride back is about 11pm and it is non-stop music and dancing all the way to port.

Back to the resort and finish your party night at Riviera Maya. Stop by the 24-hour snack bar and grab some hot food to go with something cold from your stocked mini-bar. Kick back and relax.

You have had another unforgettable day and night at Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal. Oh, before you “go to sleep” take out your bucket list and a pen.

Cross out “Learn the Watermelon Crawl”.