runaway bay4

That’s gonna leave a mark.

When you walk through the doors and accept your welcome drink at Luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay you quickly realize you are on Jamaica.

This is the land of pleasure, pampering and privilege.

The service and amenities in the Don Pablo Collection is overwhelming. Luxurious rooms, butler service, and unlimited a la carte dinners in specialty Italian, Spanish and Japanese restaurants are just the tip of the lavish iceberg.

It’s easy to get centered in a good way here.

There is a fully-equipped business center, a variety of equipment in the fitness center and a friendly staff that makes you the center of their attention.

The staff is very experienced with children. You can see it in the smiles of the kids enjoying activities tailored just for the little ones. The kids have their own supervised playground.

While the kids are occupied, you can check the beach, the ballroom and the bars. After windsurfing, horseback riding or other activities it’s a perfect time for a spa appointment.

This is the place to disconnect from the world and connect with you.

You will find a thermal circuit, steam room, 13 treatment rooms and a full beauty salon.   Try out a new facial or aromatherapy treatment. Test the cold water pool or relax at the indoor pool.

bahia-experts-travel-runawaybay200There are couples treatment rooms and you can even schedule a couples or single massage right on the beach. Imagine the scented oils mingling with the breeze off the Caribbean water.

You can sprawl on the bed in your room, raid the mini-bar and check out the Satellite TV service. The bathroom is private and features a shower/tub combo.   It also has a cool tingling hydro massage showerhead.

You can take your non-stop fun right into the dark hours.   Think karaoke, tropical bands, mini-casino and great dance music at the Ska discotheque. The latest dance hits, old favorites and authentic Reggae will have you dancing for hours at Luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay.

You will constantly pinch yourself just to see if the magic is real.   That’s not altogether bad but I can promise you one thing.

All that pinching is gonna leave a mark.