The bride was PHAT!

Fairytale weddings at Grand Bahia Principe San Juan seem surprisingly easy.

The credit goes to the resort Wedding Planner and their staff. There are several packages to choose from at the resort. There are many ways to customize your best day ever too.

To imagine how comprehensive and special the packages can be let’s take a look at the free wedding package. That’s right, free!

Check with the resort in advance on how to qualify.

There is late check-in for the happy couple and their parents, room upgrade for couple and parents and VIP amenities in the bride and groom’s suite.

Beach_WeddingThe wedding site is romantically decorated, sparkling wine is provided for a toast and there is a cake or selection of pastries prepared by the Chef.

The resort will provide music for the wedding or you can bring your own CD. If you book the resort photographer you will get 5 free professional color photos. Witnesses can be provided if you have none.

They also throw in a bridal bouquet, boutonniere and give you a 10% discount on most spa treatments.   (Does not include pedicure, manicure, hairdresser or makeup).

The resort will provide a sit-down reception dinner in one of the restaurants. The menu is set in advance. You can arrange a private dinner for an additional fee.

The bridal suite will have romantic decorations. There will be a surprise gift and a bottle of wine waiting in the room. (just for the couple).

Quick reminder. Judges fee is not included and must be paid at the resort, by the guests. To see what the paid packages include just fill out an online request form through the resort website.

Just imagine how perfect your day in paradise will be at Grand Bahia Principe San Juan. You and your guests will enjoy a pampered time by the pool, on the beach, in the spa and in your suite. It’s all PHAT!

Pretty hot and tempting.